GETABEC ‐  Eckrohrkessel can be operated with a broad range of fuels. Besides traditional fuels such as oil, gas, coal, biomass (rice husk, waste wood, palm waste, etc), there are special designs where fuels such as industrial waste, municipal waste, paper and hazardous waste can be utilized.

Due to the excellent reaction on quick load variations and the outstanding quick start-up behavior, the GETABEC – Eckrohrkessel is the ideal solution for boiler plants operating with heterogeneous fuels.

For Small Capacities
Capacity 1 t/h up to 10 t/h design pressures of up to 100 bar

  • Absolute dry and saturated steam.

  • No carryover of boiler water even during sudden peak loads.

  • Immune against sudden load rate changes

  • No contamination of products

  • Perfect temperature control of distillation columns.

For Medium Capacities
Capacity up to 150 t/h design pressures up to 100 bar

The GETABEC – Eckrohrkessel is available as steam generator and as hot water generator.

  • Easy operation and maintenance due to horizontal and compact design.

  • Easy access to boiler equipment such as burner and fittings as well as to the heating surfaces.

  • Applicable for all liquid and gaseous fuels.

  • Dimensions adaptable to limited space on site

For High Capacities
Up to 200 t/h design pressures up to 100 bar

Range of capacity of GETABEC-Eckrohrkessel boilers

  • Steam rating up to 200 t/h

  • Steam pressure up to 100 bar

  • Steam temperature up to 500 ๐C

The design principle of the GETABEC –Eckrohrkessel can easily be adapted to the fuels and the plant conditions required by the customer.

Particular design for special application can be provided.

This particular boiler design will take the following variables into account

  • The compatibility to the fuel requirements.

  • The coordination with transport conditions.

  • The optimization for the space conditions.