The Heat Recovery Steam Generator from GETABEC is designed according to the principle of smoke tube and water tube boiler. The hot flue gas is directed through pipe bundles, where its heat is transferred to the water inside the boiler body. At the front inlet and rear exit flue gas side of the HRSG are equipped with cleaning apertures. All openings are removable, for an optimal cleaning of the smoke tubes.

Our HRSG is designed to minimize radiation losses, covered with a composite thermal insulation with a zinc alum iron sheet steel jacket. The HRSG is fixated on a basic frame that spreads the load across a large area of the floor. Our design also takes into account the expansion during operation by providing gliding and fixed points with the base frame. Many industrial processes generate large amounts of waste energy that simply pass out of plant stacks and into the atmosphere or are otherwise lost. Most industrial waste heat steams are liquid, gaseous, or a combination of the two and have temperatures from slightly above ambient to over 1000 ๐C. At stack gas temperature greater than 500๐C, the heat going up the stack is likely to be the single biggest loss in the process. Above 900๐C stack losses will consume at least half of the total fuel input to the process. Yet, the energy that is recovered from waste heat steam could displace part or all of the energy input needs for a unit operation within a plant.

Therefore, waste heat recovery offers a great opportunity to productively use this energy, reducing overall plant energy, consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.